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Get Your Facebook and Instagram Photos Printed on Wood or Metal

Human beings are at the pinnacle of socialization at this very moment in the entire human history. Never have we ever been so connected as we are today. We can learn what our friend is doing on his vacation on the other side of the globe, through our phone. This was unimaginable even a few decades ago. Social media has changed the way humans interact with each other and has redefined civilization for the better.

Instagram and Facebook have become the chosen mediums to stay connected to the people we love, or the people who are important to us. Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and it has also become a crucial way of expressing ourselves. It has also become the medium where we share our life through photos and videos for the world to see and appreciate. These photos share some of the happiest and delightful moments of our life, and some of these photos are closer to our hearts than others.

But the downside of it is that we post a plethora of pictures on all of these platforms combined. Over time, the photos that were once very dear to us and captured some of the most beautiful moments of our life get lost in the vast ocean of digital images. Before the digital revolution, all of these beautiful moments of your life were framed and hung on the wall. And every day you would have an appreciation for that moment which makes you feel happy.

Cherishing Your Treasured Moments

At Higher Plane Impressions, we believe that these moments of your life are priceless and need to be given a special physical and tangible form for you to cherish them forever. And that is the exact service that we provide to our customers and clients. Our services are a bit more advanced than others. We specialize in printing your digital photos like the ones posted on Instagram or Facebook, on wooden and metal surfaces, no matter the shape and size.

It is one of the perfect solutions to save the precious moments of your life from being lost in the sea of photographs that are uploaded to these platforms daily. The sentimental values of your photos will be restored when it stays around you physically. And there are many reasons to print your photographs instead of keeping them in your social media feed.

Why is printing your Instagram and Facebook photos better?

1) It’s tangible

How do you think it would feel like touching a physical form of one of the best moments of life? The feeling is inexpressible. That is what printed photos can do, which a digital file can’t. It is because touch is one of the basic senses of human beings, and hence touch can invoke pretty deep feelings as well when it comes to your loved one or an instant of life, which meant a lot to you.

Also, in this way, you can have your favorite photo hanging on the wall, or on your coasters, wherever you want. We are equipped to print your Facebook and Instagram photos on wood or metal surfaces. The size of the object doesn’t matter.

2) The moment becomes more cherishing

When you pull the photo from the digital world and put it in the physical realm, it’s sentimental value increases and evokes happy emotions. In the digital world, photos generally tend to lose their values over time and even become nonexistent after awhile. But when you physically print a photo, you get attached to it on an emotional level, and this makes all the difference.

Imagine having a photo of your grandparents or parents or your children together having a great time, and that photo is just above your head in your bedroom. That will surely cheer you and fill you up with warmth every time you see it.

3) It makes the photo timeless

The way various social media platforms display your images has changed significantly over time and will change drastically in the future as well. It will change the way you see your pictures and the perfect moments within those pictures. But once you print them on a wooden or metal surface, they become timeless.

We at Higher Plane Impressions make sure that the final product lasts long so that it can be admired by generations to come. And if appropriately maintained, depending on the surface and its quality, these prints can last for decades and even centuries.

4) It can be presented as a gift

Just imagine how your friend will feel when you give them a metal frame where their photo with you which you took during your vacations together last summer, is carved (using our printing technology) onto the surface. They will be grateful and thrilled as well, and this will easily make a two-bedroom apartment in their heart.

All these moments were created to be cherished later, and it shouldn’t be lost in the social media platforms. We work hard to bring the very essence of the picture with which it was captured.

Ready to get your Facebook and Instagram Photos Printed on wood?

Even though the quality of the Instagram and Facebook photos are reduced due to the compression algorithm of these platforms, we can still print a crystal clear image of those photos on any surface you want. We also have a plethora of options for you to pick from so that you get exactly what you want. We can even print on curved surfaces, so don’t hold back on ideas in which you want your photos to be printed.

Higher Plane Impressions helps you get back the best moments of your life with your loved ones, be it your pet, your children or your parents, your grandparents, anyone, and everyone. We take our job very seriously as we know the sentimental value each photo carries. That’s why by using our years of expertise and knowledge, we choose the best surface, texture to print your photos. That way, your Instagram and Facebook photos come to the physical world with all the essence they had when they were clicked.

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