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Get Your Wedding Photos Printed on Wood or Metal

A Wedding day, whether you are the couple or the relatives, is a precious day for everyone involved. It’s a very lively process that celebrates life itself and two people committing to enjoying, loving, crying, laughing together for the rest of their lives. Everything related to this occasion is amazing. The day leading up to the wedding day and the day that comes after having their own essence.

The sacredness of the wedding hasn’t changed over time, and the core value of this occasion remains the same as it was a thousand years ago. But over the years, the way people capture these moments has changed significantly. From family paintings to photographs to photo albums, the trajectory is long. And after the invention of portable cameras, the way people celebrate these precious moments has changed drastically.

Remembering Your Special Day

Nowadays, photography and photo shoots have become an integral part of any wedding ceremony. And the fully designed album comes to you a few days after the wedding is over. But you go through those pictures probably once or twice before keeping them on the shelf for a long time before opening them whenever some of your friends ask for it. Think of it, one of the most precious days of your life with all the moments captured, and yet it is kept in the corner forever.

It generally happens because we are not reminded of the day very often. But a large printout of one of your favorite wedding moments will help you cherish it every day. We at Higher Plane Impressions know the value of your wedding photos, and we work towards bringing those moments back to you through our printings.

At Higher Plane Impressions, we specialize in very specific types of printing. We print your best photographs onto a wooden or metal surface. With our years of gathering knowledge in this field and experience, we can print your photos on any surface you want. Be it a wooden cup, a frame, a metallic sheet, anything that’s made up of wood or metal is good for us.

There are many reasons why having your wedding photos printed on a wooden or metal surface is better than only having a photo album.

Why is printing your photos on wooden or metal surfaces better?

1) It’s more accessible

As obvious as it might sound, these photos generally go on the wall or someplace, which you cross daily. So you get a glance at your precious moments every day, which inherently takes you to your happy place. In the case of an album, all those moments are kept on a shelf or some cupboard that you don’t access daily.

For example, you can get one of your wedding moments printed on a wooden cup in which you drink your morning coffee daily, and then you get to see your loved ones every day in the morning. And it’s a fact that just seeing the picture of your loved ones can light up your mood because your body releases happy hormones.

2) It’s tangible

These printed photos are tangible. Granted that you can touch the photos in your album too, but as we discussed earlier, they are not accessible all the time because many people keep it in the attic or some “difficult to access” places in their home. You also must be having digital copies of your wedding photos on your phone or computer, but again, a digital file cannot give you a sense of materialistic touch.

And upon that, you must be having tons of digital photos, some of which don’t even like mixed with the ones you love. When you print your photos on some surface, you isolate the best moments only.

3) Printing on metal or wooden surfaces is an art

Printing a real-life picture onto a wooden or metal surface and still having the liveliness of the photo is a tough job and is a form of art in itself. Various kinds of texture, colours, and sizes invoke different feelings within people. We, at Higher Plane Impressions, have studied these textures and associated behavior for years, and this helps us bring life to your pictures. There are infinite ways to print the same photo but a finite way to print in a way to invoke feelings. You need an expert on that.

4) You can gift it to others

Practically speaking, you can’t gift an entire wedding album to someone because that’s then the recipient will end up having a ton of photos of strangers. And also, sending a photo digitally can’t be considered as a gift. But when you give someone a printed piece of their photo on a wooden or metal surface (whether a cup, a bowl, or a frame), it is one of the best gifts you can give.

Because it’s one of those gifts which will make them feel special and invoke feelings every time they look at it.

5) It makes your moments timeless and classic

When photos are printed onto various surfaces while. Still having the essence of the moment, it looks very classy and elegant. The design is very thought-provoking and beautiful. When printed on wood, it gives your picture a very vintage look, and when printed on metal, it has a matte and classy look. And when professionals like us do these printing, we make sure that the product has a long life (these prints can last for decades or even centuries depending on how they are maintained and the surfaces on which they are printed) so that it can be cherished by many generations to come.

Memorialize Your Memories by Getting Your Wedding Photos Printed with Us

It’s our job at Higher Plane Impressions to provide you with long-living tangible prints, and we take our job seriously. Because we realize that our final products can ring the deepest bells in people’s hearts just through a photo. Again, our expertise lies in printing any of your digital photos on wooden or metal surfaces, which are very detailed and give the images the 3rd dimension.

We also have a ton of options for you to choose from so that it finds a cohesive spot in your home.

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