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Have Your Pictures Printed on Wood for a Classic Look

We at Higher Plane Impressions know what sentimental values a photograph holds in one’s heart. We specialize in a particular type of printing. We can print any of your digital photos on a wooden or metal surface of your choice. We can even print those photos on curved surfaces, so you can give us any idea you have, and we will try our best to make it a reality.

Printing your photos on a wooden surface gives them a very classic and vintage look. It makes the viewer adore it that much more. We also have the technology to print on non-planar surfaces so that you can get all creative with your ideas of printing the perfect photo on the wood.

Keep Your Photos Around

In this digital era, for the most part, where everything you shoot remains on your phone or laptop, the value of each of these photos decreases steadily. And after a while, they get lost into oblivion because of the plethora of photos that are uploaded online daily. Before this digital age, the printing of photos was an essential part of the entire process. That’s how we used to get the final product.

Printing those photos that are dying in the digital dump yard can easily bring back all your happy memories when it was clicked. For that to happen, it should be around you somewhere where you can look at it quickly without any effort. And one way to do that is to get it printed on a plank of wood and hang it on the wall. You can even print it on a table which you use daily. The point being, these photos regain their essence when they are materialized and brought to the physical world.

Why print photos on wood?

There are many reasons why you get your pictures printed on wood apart from the most obvious one, i.e., making it look classy.

1) It gives a vintage look to your picture

Wood has been an important part of our culture since the beginning of civilization. We have embedded this material with our art. You can find wooden furniture with intricate designs and many more wooden artworks everywhere you go. Thus over time has developed a style of its own.

So wood gives a vintage feel to the environment. When you get your photos printed on wood, it gives your photo an extra dimension. It also helps in telling a better story of the photo printed on it.

2) It makes your photos tangible

If you are living in today’s digital world, then chances are you have more digital photos of your family and adventures than hard paper photos and albums. They have, in many ways, become a thing of the past, but to be honest, the hard paper photos are making their way back to this digital age. That’s the reason you can find so many instant cameras in the market.

The reason behind this is that nothing can beat the sense of touch. When you have a physical sensation of a surface on which it’s printed, that surface becomes unique to that image, and it gives you a different vibe than a digital file. When you see your favorite picture placed on the wall carved (or rather printed) on a wooden surface, it’s undoubtedly going to pull some strings in your heart.

3) Photos become timeless and classic

Wood has always been a symbol of class, and if it’s furnished well enough, it also has a premium vibe. A freshly made furniture even has a signature wooden smell which most people tend to like, and this also makes it a bit classy. In general, whenever you print your photos or happy moments onto any surface, they become timeless as you can enjoy them every day.

At Higher Plane Impressions, we try our best to make the prints as durable as possible because this is something that we are passionate about and take very seriously. We know that these photos can go down the family tradition or family history and should always stand the test of time. If properly maintained, they can go undamaged for decades together or even centuries. That’s the perfection we strive for.

4) You can gift this classic masterpiece of your perfect moments

We can print your favorite moments and photos on any surface you want, even a curved one. So can gift your friend a lovely wooden cup, on which the photo of you two is printed. It is something people tend to remember and feel grateful for.

Because we believe that some moments are too good to keep in as a digital file or kept within an album in some corner of the house, every special moment should be physically materialized so that they can cherish every moment or at least every time you see it.

5) Print on wood is an art

Yes, that’s right! Printing on wood needs a lot of knowledge about texture, strength, durability, and many more factors. This also needs knowledge about how the wooden texture can affect the feeling of the image printed on it. It’s an art in itself, and we do these printing with our years of experience and expertise.

Having Your Pictures Printed On Wood Tells Your Story

We at Higher Plane Impressions work very hard to bring the photos onto a wooden surface and still have all its essence. We understand that every picture has a story behind it, and that story is important for you. We keep that in mind while we print the photos on the wood.

We also understand the nature of wood and what kind of feeling it evokes on the viewer. It can home the photo a very classic, timeless, and premium look, and at the same time, it also oozes vintage vibe. This eclectic mix of feelings makes the entire frame much more beautiful and admirable. Printing on wood is one of the specializations of Higher Plane Impressions, along with printing on metal surfaces.

We create stunning and beautiful impressions of your photos on any surface you want. We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

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