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You Need Home Office Wall Decor Ideas

Your home office is a special place. You need it to be functional and beautiful to inspire creativity and workflow.

It’s important not to neglect the space. Make the space truly and uniquely yours to enjoy the happiness and warmth that can be achieved in a home office.

Let’s get to those home office wall decor ideas:

1 – Comfort

You want the place to be comfortable enough that you easily get in “the zone,” not so comfortable you nap all day! You don’t want the place to be chaotic or lazy either.

Wall art can be distracting if it’s not your style or too frantic. You don’t want “college dorm room” level of comfort, so ditch the movie posters and upgrade your wall decor.

Remember: this is a space for creativity and work, not binge watching Netflix on the sofa in a onesie!


2 – Photos

What are the types of photos that inspire you?

Landscapes, cityscapes and peaceful nature scenes are all excellent choices if they fit your style.

Maybe photos of your spouse would keep you inspired throughout the day. Photos of your kids may keep you motivated to get the work done before they get back from school.

Vacation photos are wonderful, however daydreaming about your vacations in your home office won’t get any work accomplished. Photos are powerful visuals so you want to get something that will drive your creativity and productivity, not counteract those forces.


3 – Quotes

Inspirational quotes are perfect for your home office wall decor ideas!

What are some of your favorite quotes? Using some motivational quotes will get you in gear for a productive work day!

Powerful words hanging on the wall can help you fight procrastination and get down to business. The words you surround yourself with can lift your mood and spirit to conquer the tasks ahead of you.


4 – Art

If you need a creativity boost, art is the perfect addition to your wall.

Maybe you have a favorite artist or maybe you’re looking for something that resonates with you on a deep level. Look for artists in your city. They probably have work for sale. Support your local artists and improve your home office in one transaction! Brilliant!

If the artist doesn’t want to sell an original and you love their work, you could ask them for prints. Maybe they’d be willing to let you get their work printed on wood or metal from a craft printer like us.


5 – Colors

Get some green in your life. By that I mean, plants are great for a home office. They breathe life into the space quite literally. The health benefits are fantastic and breathing that cleaner air will help your brain function on a higher plane (see what I did there?).

Pick the colors for your office with care. You want a balanced space that allows you to feel at ease while pushing you to action. The color palette you choose can lift you to greatness.



Above, I gave you a few great home office wall decor ideas. Now, it’s your job to fill your space with the energy you need to succeed!

If you need some photos or quotes printed on wood or metal to hang on your wall, contact us so we can address your needs. We’d love to help you get more out of your home office wall decor!