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Photo Printing Services: Google Photos and Apple Photos

Photographs have become an undetachable part of human culture since the day they were introduced to the world. From fascination, it turned into an obsession to capture your precious moments forever, and for all the right reasons.

Sometimes all it takes is a photograph of your loved ones or someone you admire or someone with whom you just had a great time to liven your mood up. A picture is as powerful as any poem if it’s associated with you or how you felt when you took that photo.

Before the digital revolution, all the photos were taken either on a film camera or through Polaroids. All those photos were either in the form of negatives or the photograph that the Polaroid provides. Those negatives were later washed to make pictures that needed to be printed in a darkroom. We all know that all those days are way behind us.

Photos in The Digital Age

Today we live in a digital era where everything is instant (remember the days when we used to take pictures and had to wait for days to get the actual photographs from a professional photographer because of the printing process). Today all you need to do is point your smartphone, and you capture your perfect moment just like that.

But there’s a downside to this system. You take your photos, and they stay in your Google photos or Apple photos for years without being looked at even once. All those precious moments get lost in the crowded files and folder. But there is a way to live those moments once again or at least cherish them every day.

We, at Higher Plane Impressions, know the value of a photograph and work hard to give your photographs life. With our custom photo printing services, you can get any of your favorite Google photos or Apple photos printed on any wooden or metal surface so that you can live those moments every day. There are a ton of reasons why printing your photos is better than the digital ones. And recent development in trends has shown that printed photos are making their way back to our lives. It is because there has been a rise in the instant camera industries which give you a hardcopy of your photos instantly.

Why are prints better?

1) A print is tangible

Touch has been an integral part of human feeling. It’s obvious that the interactive experience of your body with something tangible (or any of your cherished memories) is far more complex and complete. When you look through your old photos in an album, it evokes a different set of emotions and feelings compared to the ones that are on your phone or computer.

These printed images can bring a smile on your face on a daily basis, and that is something we take very seriously at Higher Plane Impressions. That is why with our years of knowledge and practice, we have been able to project any of your precious moments on any wooden or metal surface of your choice.

2) Printing is an art

It may be hard to believe, but printing is actually an art. You should be knowledgeable enough to know which kind of image looks good on which kind of surfaces. Because of the relatively endless ways to display and print the same image on various services, you got to have the hold on the craft to make that creative choice. Factors like size, textures, and colors play an essential role in contributing to the enjoyment of the picture as a whole.

That’s why our custom photo printing services is our craft catered to your needs.

The print is the final product. All of your Google and apple photos are just an ingredient for the whole recipe, which is the printed picture.

3) You can gift a print

Well, to be honest, digital photos cannot invoke the feelings that physical pictures can. A digital photo is just another digital file on your phone or computer, but a photo printed on a wooden piece is as precious as the memory itself. You can give these beautiful frames to anyone, and it can bring a smile to the recipient every time they look at it.

4) The print is timeless and classic

The UI of Google photos and apple photos are going to change endlessly over time, but your printed photos can never go out of style or become obsolete. Just imagine how it will feel to have an old, well cared, printed piece of wood of your grandparents as a bride and groom or photos of your children when they were little. These are memory’s chapters that are too good to be kept as computer files.

And prints can last for decades or even centuries if maintained and printed properly (that’s why you should turn to professionals like us for this job), and they become a part of your family’s historical record.

One of the benefits of Google photos and Apple photos is that the quality of the photos remains intact, for the most part, and that helps a lot while printing on a larger surface. And since our job involves printing on metal and wooden surfaces, even a marginally low-quality image won’t be a problem for us.

Use Higher Plane’s Photo Printing Services

It’s our job at Higher Plane Impressions to make your precious moments tangible and durable. Because these later become valued treasures. We take this job very seriously so that you enjoy the prints, whether that’s on a cup, your wall, your table (wherever you want those pictures). Our expertise is in developing photographs on metal and wooden surfaces, which gives your flat images the 3rd dimension, and the intricate work and detailing gives you a very premium look as well.

We know that digital pictures are easy to share on social media and we are happy for you if that’s what you enjoy, but we believe that your photos need to be printed and cherished for a lifetime. They¬†shouldn’t just end up on your profile picture for a day or so. We at Higher Plane Impressions offer you a plethora of options to choose from so that you get your photographs printed exactly the way you want.

Contact us today to get started printing your photos on high-quality surfaces!